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Aug 17, 2021


“And that’s why I think a lot of communication breakdowns happen online. The sole function of language on Twitter is different (communication versus entertainment).” Several others I contacted saw me as emblematic of a problem in society — selfishness and a lack of regard for others. “You parked your car to satisfy your short-term needs,” one user told me. “Those cars in front and behind now can’t get out.” Several dozen tweets told me I was being ableist; either I hadn’t left enough room for a person to use a ramp to get into their car, or I hadn’t considered that some disabled people would have a hard time getting out of such a tight space. I didn’t disagree with the spirit of this argument. The barriers faced by disabled people in navigating a city, whether in a car or on public transit, are a systemic issue, one that New York City often falls short of addressing. But in this instance, it was not Mayor de Blasio or Governor Cuomo being taken to task over this problem. It official source was me. “Millennials are mean,” said Emily Gorcenski, a data scientist and activist. “We’re mean because we’ve been raised to live in a world that doesn’t exist, and it doesn’t exist because the people who raised us for that world ensured it doesn’t exist. And we process our anger through all sorts of channels, from sarcasm to pure hatred and rage.” But because there is no organized forum for this anger, it can fire off at random and at whatever target happens to be closest. Often, it is directed toward people with perceived and proximal power: You have more followers than me, you have a blue check, your tweet is viral — thus you must be held accountable. (“Oppressing small accounts with my big account,” as the writer and Big Twitter Account Harron Walker once joked.) I happened to be the target of the anger that day, but the next week I watched as thousands of people who love birds yelled at cat lovers on Twitter for their supposed complicity in bird death. (“We’ve also found newly creative ways to be mean,” Gorcenski observed.) Gorcenski’s theory explains many of the messages I received: People were angry, and I was the easiest outlet for expressing that anger. “I abhor narcissists more than anything else, probably because I was raised by a malignant narcissist,” one 40-year-old Twitter user told me. “Not only did I find your parking that way to be incredibly selfish but also the ‘can’t be shamed’ attitude convinced me that you must be a malignant narcissist.” I asked if he regretted being so angry toward me, knowing that I’d seen his tweet. No, he said. It felt deserved. Finally, I asked the user who had called me an “objectively bad person” to comment.


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“Where the AP does not have the the original source right experience or capability from their training, then they have to draw on the expertise of others, but ultimately they have to satisfy themselves that the whole plan is going to work. “So although we have this clear delineation, we can get this awkward break in responsibility if we don’t have an AP who completely understands the ground.” VolkerFitzpatrick head of temporary works Ian Horton-Plant adds: “The worry is that if the AP has the ultimate responsibly, all they’re taught is load over area in terms of [determining an appropriate] crane mat size and it doesn’t go beyond that point. So one person might have responsibility but not necessarily a full understanding of what the crane mats have to do.” Brilliant Ideas business development manager Dan Westgate describes the outrigger mats as “where civil engineering meets structural engineering”.  “That slice in the middle is the outrigger mat and that I think is where the responsibility for that element is lost,” he says. “We want to see certified and or tested materials. That to us is where the knowledge gap is. Some APs just divide outrigger load by the area of the mat.”  There is, however, scope to learn from other sectors. The Federation of Piling Specialists (FPS), for example, has a working platform guidance and certification approach that confirms that a working platform has been designed to a set standard.  According to Tony Gee & Partners group specialist Jim Tod, who is also a Temporary Works Forum director, crane operators could use a similar system to indicate whether a crane foundation is suitable for the loads to be lifted.  “That would bridge the gap and solve the problem,” he says.  But Tod explains that other factors can be at play in crane collapses. “A search on the internet of recent crane collapses in the UK shows that they are not just caused by the ground under the outrigger failing. There are examples of the crane being short rigged and the collapse basically being operator error.” Bachy Soletanche chief engineer David Hard, who worked on the FPS guidance, adds that inclusion of guidance in regulations – such as Loler – would help to back it up. He also says that the piling industry only achieved its approach through cultural change. “We’ll have situations where they won’t take the rig off the lorry if the piling mat is not signed off,” he says.  “That’s a cultural change, and the reason it happened with piling mats is because, when this all first started, the Health & Safety Executive was brought on board so there was some weight to it.” Going forward, it is important to better apply the guidance that does exist. Lendlease head of temporary works Andrew Stotesbury believes there is sufficient legislation but he wonders whether there is the will to apply it. “There is responsibility on principal contractors and their supply chains to provide a safe place of work under CDM [Construction (Design and Management) Regulations] and under the Health & Safety at Work Act,” he says. “Failure to do any of the things that we’ve been talking about is a failure and it’s a question of exercising that authority.” Kier temporary works advisor Jemma Quin says increased collaboration could be key. “It’s about the training that you receive, both from the temporary works side and the AP side – and it’s maybe about getting those two groups together and having a chat about how we can write some sort of guidance document on it.” Westgate says that, given the lack of “a guide that reaches a formal conclusion”, there is scope for the industry to “sharpen up” the guidance.